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Welcome to Top Gear Xpress Car Wash in Olds, your ultimate destination for unparalleled car care excellence. Our state-of-the-art facility offers the most advanced automatic touchless car washing services, ensuring your vehicle receives nothing short of the best cleaning with swift and efficient results. If you’re on the lookout for an Automatic Car Wash in Olds that guarantees exceptional outcomes, your search ends here. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our Olds Automatic Car Wash delivers a superior cleaning experience.

Seeking an automatic car wash near you? Look no further than Olds Automatic Car Wash, conveniently situated to cater to all your vehicle’s cleaning needs. Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our Automatic Touchless Car Wash at Top Gear Xpress Car Wash in Olds. Swing by now and witness the remarkable results that make us the preferred choice for car enthusiasts in the area. Count on us to deliver the quality and efficiency you demand from a top-tier Touchless Car Wash in Olds.

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Automatic Car Wash Near Me

Why search for "Top Gear Automatic Car Wash Near Me?"

Top Gear Touchless Xpress Olds Car Wash is committed to providing a quick, easy, and inexpensive service to keep your vehicle looking great. We provide entirely automated Automatic Car Wash services to save you time and money without sacrificing quality. Just a few of the many reasons why clients pick us for their car cleaning needs are as follows:

Quick and Convenient

Our Automatic Touchless Car Wash is both quick and convenient, allowing you to pay debit or credit at the machine and have your car cleaned in just a few minutes without having to step out of your vehicle.

High-Quality Cleaning Experience

We use top-of-the-line equipment combined with high-quality cleaning products and perfectly timed wash sequences to give your vehicle the best possible wash results to ensure that your car is thoroughly cleaned and protected every single time.

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our automatic car wash services, so you can keep your car looking great without breaking the bank.

What Are The Benefits I Will Get If I Choose An Automatic Car Wash Near Me In Olds?

If you’re still not convinced that an Automatic Car Wash is the way to go, here are some additional benefits to consider:

Saves Time

An Automatic Car Wash can clean your car in just a few minutes so that you can spend time on other essential tasks.

Consistent Results

With an Automatic Car Wash, you can be sure your car will receive the same high-quality cleaning every time.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Automatic Car Wash is efficient in water and cleaning products than traditional hand washing, making it more eco-friendly.

Protects Your Car

Our Automatic Car Wash uses high pressure nozzles and high quality cleaning products in our Touchless Car Wash, which safeguards your car’s exterior from scratches and other forms of harm while keeping its finish intact.


I want to visit an Automatic Car Wash near me. Is it safe to use it on my car?

Yes, using an Automatic Touchless Car Wash on your car is safe. Our state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning techniques are designed to effectively clean your vehicle without causing any damage.

How long does an Automatic Car Wash take?

Our Automatic Car Wash services typically take only a few minutes to complete. The exact time may vary depending on the wash package you choose and the size of your vehicle but no longer than 5 minutes.

If I opt for an Automatic Car Wash near me, will it damage my car’s paint?

Our Automatic Car Wash is designed to clean your vehicle without the use of soft brushes. We use top-quality cleaning products and high pressure nozzles to ensure that your vehicle receives a thorough and effective clean without causing any damage.

Do I need to remove anything from my car before using the Automatic Car Wash?

We recommend removing roof racks, ski racks, cargo roof boxes, bike attachments, tow hooks, loose items in the bed of the truck, or anything that is aftermarket attachments to the vehicle before using our Automatic Car Wash. This will help ensure your vehicle receives a thorough and effective cleaning.

Can I use an Automatic Car Wash near me if my car has aftermarket modifications?

Our Automatic Car Wash is designed for stock vehicles but can be used on cars with aftermarket modifications, such as spoilers or lowered suspensions. However, we recommend that you use at your own risk.

Get Your Car Washed At Olds' Top Gear Car Wash!

Top Gear Xpress Car Wash Olds is the ideal choice for you if you value speed, convenience, and competitive prices when maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. Looking up “automatic car washes near me” online is a waste of time. We offer automatic vehicle wash services to help you save time and money while still receiving a thorough cleaning.

Top Gear Car Wash is an Alberta institution with three sites to serve our customers better. We have locations in Calgary, Red Deer, and Olds. Our Xpress touchless car washes in Calgary and around Alberta are the best in the business, and we have locations all over the province to serve you. Self-Service Car Washing is available at Top Gear Calgary. Visit any of our stores today to see all the fuss and feel the Top Gear difference for yourself!

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